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Atlantis Fire (Dial Press, 1980/Avon, 1981) a marine archaeological adventure set among the breath-taking Greek isles. Lost Atlantis yields gold and the gods...as man battles man and nature's fury beneath the Mediterranean Sea.


There were ruins down there seventy-five feet below him, large construction blocks, some still attached and frozen at awkward angles in the seabed. They did not get there on freight ships because no ancient ships afloat could have ferried such massive cargo... That left only one explanation, thought Sarkis--there was once a landmass right here where he sat rolling with the surface.

"It's human habitation, all right," Clayton said, slipping out of his tank straps.

"So what are you saying?" Sarkis asked.

"I'm saying that those buildings down there were once sitting right here on their own island."

"A suspense-adventure... full of chilling surprises."

- Publishers Weekly

"A fine thriller seasoned with wit and sensibility... it blew me away."

- Stephen King, New York Times best-selling author

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